About Dr Francis Macnab


Clinical Psychologist

Psychotherapy, Trauma, Self-worth, Contextual Analysis, Older Years

Dr Macnab's current practice in psychology focuses on the following:

  • increasing resilience and life satisfaction for Australia's older adults.

  • coping with the stresses and anxieties of ageing

  • helping people 55 - 85+ become more adaptive in their later years.

Dr Macnab's extensive experience across various aspects of psychology over a long period have led to the following achievements and acclaim:

  • An early pioneer in Contextual Analysis

  • Author of more than 40 books, including:

    • The 30 Vital Years

    • Don't Call Me Grumpy

    • Life After Loss

    • The Traumas of Life and their Treatment

    • His books have been translated into six languages.

  • Founder of The Cairnmillar Institute in 1961​ and continued as its Executive Director until 2016. From its beginnings as a ​small clinic, to the large vibrant organistion it is today, the Institute continues to make a significant contribution to the psychological health and wellbeing of the community.

  • Led the Institute to its current status as a Higher Education Provider conferring degrees in clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy at Doctoral and Masters levels.

  • Former president of The International Council of Psychologists.

  • Received various awards, including:

    • Sir James Darling Medal

    • Member of the Order of Australia

  • Dr Macnab holds a PhD degree and an honorary Doctorate from the University of Aberdeen. He also has an honorary doctorate from RMIT in psychology and applied science.

  • Dr Macnab founded the Australian Foundation for Aftermath Reactions which provided trauma treatment and training. 

  • He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and The British Psychological Society.

  • Invited and taught in many countries.

  • Developed and led the Sage Group - an education and therapeutic group for people aged 55 - 85+ years of age for more than 25 years.

  • Focussed on more successful ageing using the teachings of contemporary psychology and psychoanalysis.

  • Conducts the current AWE (Ageing With Expectation) Seminars.


Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm



Address      Suite G04, 35 Cotham Rd, Kew 3101

Phone         0408 363 200

Email          drfrancismacnab@gmail.com



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